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Why should you visit Champetre County?

Champetre County offers a relaxing environment for everyone of all ages. We are stroller and wheelchair friendly, and if you have a scooter, we encourage you to bring that to! Out in the country it is extremely relaxing, peaceful and a breath of fresh air. Champetre County is also suitable for romantic getaways or a couple’s retreat. We offer a package that includes a welcome basket in your room, hay or sleigh ride depending on the season. 

What Sets Champetre County’s Accommodations Apart from Others?

Champetre County has many accommodations to offer, all unique in their own way as they are all repurposed buildings. Below are all the cabins Champetre County having to offer: 

•Eaton’s House: 

This home is directly out of the Eaton’s catalogue, equipped with three bedrooms, a hide bed couch, a half bathroom in each room and one shared shower for the house. The Eaton’s house has a wraparound porch which makes it feel like a typical western home. Each room has its own balcony as well so you can enjoy the warm weather at your own pace with a piece of mind.

•North Cabins: 

Champetre County offers four north cabins, all able to hold up to 5 people. Each cabin is equipped with its own full bathroom featuring a stand-up shower. These cabins are all renovated as of winter 2022/23. North Cabins are fully winterized and have their own entrance.

•South Cabins: 

South Cabins are summer cabins only currently, each cabin features a full bathroom, and double bed. 

•Bishops Cabin: 

The bishops Cabin is our feature cabin, during Christmas you will find this cabin decked out to the nines with lights, and Christmas decorations. This cabin operates year-round, facing the lost corral maze and RV area. You will find a hidden cozy loft where you can watch the sun set or rise or just to read a book, it also features its own electric fireplace, and full bathroom. This is one of the only cabins that has a mini fridge, and its own coffee pot with a microwave.

•Chuck Wagon and Gypsy Wagon: 

One of a kind, almost as if it’s a western glamping experience. If you want a true western experience book either Chuck wagon or Gypsy Wagon, you will have access to the outhouse and outdoor showers right next door.  Both wagons feature windows.

•Saloon Rooms: 

In our saloon hall we have two rooms located on the second floor, the honeymoon suite and guest room. Both of which have their own bathrooms and have a balcony that faces the south. 

•RV/ Tenting Park: 

Did you know, Champetre County has RV hookups? A large area located directly beside the bishop cabin, but right across from the lost corral maze. The RV Park is filled with green grass, lined with trees. Every evening enjoys a campfire filled with country air

What Makes Champetre County a Fun Destination for the Whole Family?

Champetre County is unique as it provides western themed activities for their guests. In the summer you can expect a horse drawn hayride, or if there are over 10 people enjoy the western relay. There is fun for the whole family at Champetre County! The animal barn is a popular choice by everyone of all ages, make sure to take extra time as the kids will need to say goodbye to each individual animal there is and give them one last hug. Horseshoe pits are located on the campgrounds, and lawn games are set up all over the county. 

What sets Champetre County apart from other event venues?

Champetre county is a popular choice for weddings and conferences. We often hear people say they don’t need many decorations because there is already so much character offered in the buildings and county. We can hold up to 300 people in our town hall for conferences and weddings. We also offer small areas as well that can hold 10-120 people. 

In what ways does the dining experience in Champetre County stand out from surrounding areas?

Unlike restaurants we do not operate daily. We customize each meal for our guests. No meal has the same sides with it. We offer breakfast, lunch, supper and of course snacks. Our bar is open, and you can roam the property with your alcohol in hand. 

Which are the nearby attractions to Visit in Champetre County, Saskatchewan? 

While you are in Champetre County make sure to check out our neighbors. Nearby attractions include Wheatland express, manitou beach, Batoche and Wanuskawin. Others include, Saskatoon Forestry Farm, Western Development Museum, Remi Modern, Beaver Creek Conservation Area and the many breweries in and around saskatoon. 

How to book a stay in Champetre County? 

To book your stay at Champetre County, we encourage you to visit our accommodations page, then proceed to pick your desired accommodation. Proceed to payment.   Payment options for our website are Visa or Mastercard. When you arrive at champetre county you are welcome to use your debit card, or credit card or we also take cash. We may be in the country, but we live in modern times. 

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