Saskatoon Barn Dance Events at Champetre County

The word “Barn Dance” can sound intimidating, and scary. That is not the case at Champetre County. A barn dance here is when we hire a country band to come and play a night of live music.

A barn dance is a night of live music under the rustic town hall roof, with a Subtle rustic lights streaming from the ceiling. Champetre county offers family friendly barn dances during the warmer months. 

The Brandon Lorenzo Saskatoon Barn Dance event is scheduled for July 29, 2023, at 7 pm GMT-6 at Champetre County in Saskatoon, Canada. This event will showcase Brandon Lorenzo, a country artist known for his modern twist on the genre. Another Saskatoon Barn Dance event featuring Codie Prevost will take place on August 26 at 7 pm GMT-6pm.

A campfire will be found outside the town hall doors at all hours of the evening. We start our shows at 7 pm with doors opening at 6 pm. We are going to organize two barn dances this year. 

Who are the featured artists performing at the Saskatoon Barn Dance? 

This year we are happy to announce we have partnered with 92.9 the bull and CJWW in Saskatoon to bring you Brandon Lorenzo and Codie Prevost. Brandon is a large up and coming artist who is opening for Brett Kissel for the second time, while Codie has played many concerts around Saskatchewan and he also has done a lot of work with the school divisions. 

Both Brandon Lorenzo and Codie Prevost have been nominated for numerous awards making them stand out from the crowd. 

A fun fact about Brandon is he can sing opery, he also thought he would give up on his music career till his friends convinced him to keep going. Now he is opening for artists across the world and writing music in Nashville. 

Champetre County is excited to have Brandon and Codie join us for a night that we won’t forget. Codie will be playing on August 26 while Brandon will be here on July 29. 

What activities are included with the ticket purchase for the barn dances at Champetre County?

Coral Maze

Whenever you purchase a ticket for any event at Champetre County you gain access to the full sight. Activities that you can expect to be a part of are touring the animals, visiting with the famous Sheriff, getting lost in the Lost Corral Maze and a campfire blazing in front of the town hall. Other activities include a variety of lawn games, horseshoe pits and maybe even a game or two of the western relays. 

Is there a specific dress code to the Barn Dance? 

The idea of a barn dance can sound intimidating when deciding what to wear. There is no dress code. We want you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. We don’t want you to change your style for a dance. We do encourage you to put your dancing shoes on as you are about to dance the night away in the town hall.  

If you do want to dress up, wear a plaid shirt, throw on the blue jeans and a fun pair of shoes. Want to feel more western? Wear a cowboy hat! We always love seeing our guests come dressed up in western attire.

Are there on-site options for food and drink at barn dances?

We provide a fully stocked bar and canteen on site for all your food and beverage needs. We also have a canteen available on site, as we know all kids need snacks and food throughout the night. 

What measures are taken to ensure that barn dances are family friendly and accessible to everyone?

Barn dances are family friendly. All musicians that we hire are asked beforehand if their music is family friendly. We make them affordable for families so everyone can enjoy a night of live music. Tickets for 16 and under are free. We invite everyone to come out to a dance the night away in the country. 

What types of accommodations are available at your facility for guests?

We offer a wide variety of cabins of choice. If you are thinking of more of a western glamping experience, I highly recommend the gypsy wagon or chuck wagon. Both offer that exceptional experience of the real western world. The outdoor showers and outhouses offer that country feeling. 

If you’re feeling for something a little more modern I highly recommend the Eaton’s house, north cabins or south cabins. All equipped with full bathrooms, and comfortable beds. 

If you want to take it up a notch and have a more laid back stay, stay in the bishop’s cabin and wake up to the sunrise and watch the sun set in the loft facing the south. 

Booking accommodations is a great way to make any barn dance experience into a family vacation. Now if you are booking accommodations, you are probably wondering about dining options

Do you have accommodations or a place for RV’s?

 Yes, we have hookups for RVs and an area for tenting.

What dining options are available in Champetre County for guests with special dietary requests?

Champetre County offers a great menu of dining options for all your dietary needs. If you have any special request, just let us know and we are happy to accommodate. 

Where can tickets for barn dances in Champetre County be obtained?

Tickets to our saskatoon barn dances are found on our website at our saskatoon events list.  

What is the ticket policy for attendees under the age of 17 at the barn dances in Champetre County?

The best part of tickets for our barn dances is, you only have to purchase tickets for 17 years and older as 16 and under are free. Making It affordable for family fun in the Saskatoon area! We look forward to seeing each one of you dancing the night away in your dancing shoes! Get your tickets online! 

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