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Best Ranch to Visit in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Champêtre County is a family owned, country themed resort offering cozy overnight accommodations that are perfect for couples and families alike. Guests will enjoy Western themed activities like our one of a kind wooden maze and our cuddly, small animal barn.

Our multi-purpose destination is perfect for weddings Venue, conferences, staff parties/retreat, and private dinners. Our Saloon can hold up to 150 people, the Town hall, 300 people and the Chickadee Cafe, 10-30 people. We provide a personal touch to make every event memorable.

Why is Champetre County considered a hidden treasure in Saskatoon?

Champetre County is unique to Saskatoon, we like to refer to it as a hidden Saskatchewan Treasure. Through our own two eyes we see Champetre County as home away from home, whether you are from the big city lights or the small-town streets or the country. 

Champetre County is sure to offer you a relaxing experience as you unwind from life and sit back. The county has been around Saskatchewan for 29 years as of 2023. That’s a remarkable number for a business. 

When walking around Champetre county you will notice it kind of seems as if it is a museum, you will notice antiques all over with many pianos, most of which are working condition. All pieces at champetre county connect as if it was a puzzle. All having a special story to tell. 

The Saloon is our main hall, this hall was built out of repurposed wood from 6 different houses. Our general story or chickadee café was a one room School House where the Sheriff went to school back in the day. Finally, the town hall, where most special occasions are held such as Saskatoon barn dances, weddings, conferences and more. 

What types of events and gatherings can be held in Champetre County?

Champetre County offers many unique experiences and packages throughout the year. Located only 30 minutes east of Saskatoon, making it a short drive out into the country. Champetre County is the perfect place to hold birthday gatherings, family reunions, weddings, corporate team building events, dances, and much more!

What activities are available in Champetre County?

Champetre County is famous for their Lost Corral Maze as featured on Amazing Race Canada in 2019. Our animal barn is filled with farm animals, chickens, pigs, lambs, goats, bunnies just to name a few. Around the site you will see our dogs, and cats greeting guest all of which are extremely friendly. Take night hike or day hike through our path of trees, enjoy the cozy campfire every evening with smores. In the winter strap into the snowshoes or snow skies and take them out for a tour. Lawn games are always a great option to enjoy the nice weather with the kids or if it’s cold and rainy or you just want to be inside enjoy a movie in the saloon with board games. 

What types of accommodations are available in Champetre County?

Champetre County has many accommodations to offer, all unique in their own way as they are all repurposed buildings. To make a reservation in one of our unique cabins, please visit our website and choose which accommodation suits you best.  Below are all the cabins Champetre County having to offer: 

  • Eaton’s House: 

Eaton’s house is directly out of the Eaton’s catalog, equipped with three bedrooms, a hide bed couch, a half bathroom in each room and one shared shower for the house. The Eaton’s house has a wraparound porch which makes it feel like a typical western home. Each room has its own balcony as well so you can enjoy the warm weather at your own pace with a piece of mind.

  • North Cabins: 

Champetre County offers four north cabins, all able to hold up to 5 people. Each cabin is equipped with its own full bathroom featuring a stand-up shower. These cabins are all renovated as of winter 2022/23. North Cabins are fully winterized and have their own entrance.

  • South Cabins: 

South Cabins are summer cabins only currently, each cabin features a full bathroom, and double bed. 

  • Bishops Cabin: 

The bishops Cabin is our feature cabin, during Christmas you will find this cabin decked out to the nines with lights, and Christmas decorations. This cabin operates year-round, facing the lost corral maze and RV area. You will find a hidden cozy loft where you can watch the sun set or rise or just to read a book, it also features its own electric fireplace, and full bathroom. This is one of the only cabins that has a mini fridge, and its own coffee pot with a microwave.

  • Chuck Wagon and Gypsy Wagon: 

One of a kind, almost as if it’s a western glamping experience. If you want a true western experience book either Chuck Wagon and Gypsy Wagon, you will have access to the outhouse and outdoor showers right next door.  Both wagons feature windows.

  • Saloon Rooms: 

In our saloon hall we have two rooms located on the second floor, the saloon honeymoon suite and saloon guest room. Both of which have their own bathrooms and have a balcony that faces the south.

  • RV/ Tenting Park: 

Did you know, Champetre County has RV hookups? A large area located directly beside the bishop cabin, but right across from the lost corral maze. The RV Park is filled with green grass, lined with trees. Every evening enjoy a campfire filled with country air.

Can you provide more information about the dining options available at Champetre County?

Dining options are always available in Champetre County. However we do not run as a regular restaurant so in this case we need to  know ahead of time what dining options you will be needing. This list is emailed to you by Francine following your booking. At this time please let us know of any dietary restrictions.  All ingredients of our dining experience are locally sourced. 

What special occasions does Champetre County organize throughout the year?

Champetre County is famous for their events, particularly Burger Night. We hold two barn dances a year, this year we are excited to partner with 92.9 the bull saskatoon and CJWW to bring you Brandon Lorenzo from Airdrie Alberta and Codie Prevost from Saskatoon Saskatchewan. At Champetre County we make sure to recognize those special days of the year such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day along with Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. 

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